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Parenting is a very rewarding venture but it is both hard and tasking. Some have been able to negotiate the rigors and intricacies of this God given responsibility. However, some others have not been too successful. Why is it so? How can parents be better in this job...

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3 Things You Can Do To Get Out Of A Rut

At different stages of their lives, some people feel like giving up. They feel confused with no way out. Some are able to shake it off and keep going while others feel like throwing in the towel. The good news is that you don’t have to stay down after you’ve fallen. Here are three things you can do to pick yourself up again.

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3 Ways You Get Up Happy And Go To Bed Proud

Do you truly want to be happy ? Do you want to radiate joy and lighten up every room you step into ? Do you want to be that friend who everyone wants to be with ? Then, you have to do something. Human tendency is to whine and complain and never be satisfied but you...

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My Hero, My Mentor

My beloved father is my hero The man that built confidence in me He who made me think I could conquer the world The first person ever to believe in me My father is my true hero He gave me everything he had; his love, his time, his protection, his attention and courage...

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The Things I am Grateful For

Gratitude helps us stay positive and calm. It helps us to cultivate the qualities of patience and contentment, however, we easily forget about the many good things we have and concentrate on the few negative things around us. I am working to change that in my life. I...

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Money or Friends – a balanced view of money

Recently, I unofficially interviewed a few of my friends and acquaintances on their view of money. I wasn't surprised that I got very different opinions from different people after all, that's why we are called individuals. However, a particular friend of mine had...

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The Strength Of A Mother’s Love

Nancy leans over the incubator and watches baby Daniel as he struggles to breathe with the help of a ventilator. He has been born premature. With tears in her eyes, she prays incessantly for her son to keep breathing. It breaks her heart that she can't hold her...

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The Gratitude Game

A wise man once said that people are not truly happy until they've had reasons to be sad. Bad days teach us how to truly appreciate the things we have. I know this is true because I have had my share of bad days. We tend to take things for granted but whenever what we...

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Greener On The Other Side

Many years ago in Nigeria, people went crazy about a soap opera called "the rich also cry".  It wasn't cast in Nigeria nor was any of the actors Nigerian but almost everyone was captivated. I think the reason is because it exposed a phenomena that transcended race and...

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