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What It Means To Be A Mother

Dear friends, I find it really interesting: how we each have a way of looking at things differently and still be right, all of us. I asked 5 ladies and 2 gentlemen what it means to be a mother. Here are the responses I got: Lady 1 said, "Being a mother means never...

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You Have To Forgive

I like to speak from the experiences I had. I love to share some of the things I learnt. Today, I am looking at some of the reasons why you should just forgive no matter how badly you have been hurt. Have you found yourself almost swearing that you will never forgive?...

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Is It Okay To Cry?

Let us get real once again; Do you think it is OK to cry? I don't mean babies or children, I mean teenagers, adults and old people too. Do you think crying is childish? Do you think it is feminine? Do you think it is something to be ashamed of? Do you think "Big girls...

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You Are Not Alone

Are you going through something? Is it huge; as huge as Goliath of old? Little David defeated him, remember? You think it has been too long; as long as Methuselah of old lived? He died when the time came. Are you suffering so much; as much as Job did? I don't think so...

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Motherhood : The Sweet, the Sour, the Bitter

A Tribute To All Mothers! A greeting to all you mothers; The happily married, the unhappily married, the separated, divorced, single and widowed. The loved and cherished, the hated and despised, the rich and comfortable, the poor and struggling, the educated and...

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My Personal Experience

I count myself fortunate, one of the happily married women but i am a mother too and like all mothers, i know the joys, the pains, the gains and the losses of motherhood. I got married at a tender age; please don't ask me how early or why that early. I got married to...

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My first pregnancy – the Sweet and the Sour

Friends, My first pregnancy was a mixture of excitement and uncertainty, of joy and pain, my very first serious life challenge. First three months was worst with all the changes: mood swings, poor appetite and the food craving. The second three months was better...

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The “D” Day

Dear friends, I had said earlier that i had carried my baby to term and went post date, yes i was almost three weeks past my delivery due date before i finally went into labour. Let me mention hear that i was a registered nurse but not a midwife yet but i really...

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The Price Of Semignorance

Semignorance is a word I made up that describes the state of incomplete knowledge about a situation or thing which gives false confidence and a false sense of security. Semignorance cost me the life of my first child. When my dead baby was brought to me, I made my mum...

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The Strange Dreams; My Regrets; The Lessons I Learnt

Dearest friends, The loss of a child is one of the most difficult things a woman can endure and even with all the support, sometimes, it gets really hard. Most women have gone through this and they can bear me witness. Several months after i lost my baby, it was still...

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